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Cities and urban areas drive innovation, creativity and growth. In the UK, 80% of us live in them. By 2050 nearly three-quarters of the global population will live in them. Successful cities are critical to the future of humankind.

The aim of this pilot project is to create a novel Integrated Diagnostics Framework and methods to address several key urban challenges.  This framework will bring together multiple viewpoints from across the study area to reduce fragmentation and conflicts around how to create a more resilient, healthy, prosperous and sustainable city.  The framework will be used to diagnose complex problems across four ‘Challenge Themes’: Mobility & Accessibility, Health & Happiness, Equality & Inclusion and the ‘Carbon Neutral’ city.

Forging a partnership between the City of Bristol and the neighbouring South Gloucestershire urban area, the project is being backed by these two local authorities plus Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Bristol Health Partners, the LEP, the local business community, citizen groups, and academics from across both Universities of Bristol and the West of England.

Latest Blog Posts

Staple Hill blog

The Staple Hill Case study is now in a write-up phase. Findings have been fed back to residents and authorities in Staple Hill. Responses have been positive and our findings seem to ‘ring true’ with those who have heard them so far. In our findings we focus on themes that we found to be relevant […]

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MetroBus community workshops get underway

The first MetroBus community workshop was held in Patchway on the 22nd June, and a group of local residents came along to talk about their perceptions of the new MetroBus network, and discuss ways in which it might fit into their daily lives.   The MetroBus case study includes three of these workshops: in Patchway, […]

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Co-producing research with Up Our Street

Co-produced research – one of Urban ID’s core methodological tools – is emerging already on the East Bristol case study, where research is being undertaken in close collaboration with the community organisation Up Our Street. Up Our Street is a resident led voluntary organisation working in the Easton and Lawrence Hill wards of Bristol. They […]

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