MetroBus community workshops get underway

The first MetroBus community workshop was held in Patchway on the 22nd June, and a group of local residents came along to talk about their perceptions of the new MetroBus network, and discuss ways in which it might fit into their daily lives.


The MetroBus case study includes three of these workshops: in Patchway, Hartcliffe, and the Bristol and Bath Science Park. These three communities were chosen because they represent three different contexts in which the MetroBus system will be operating.


  • The Patchway workshop included residents from some of the large new developments in the area, in particular, Charlton Hayes, and will provide insight into the ways in which the new network might influence travel habits for new residents.
  • The Hartcliffe workshop will explore the potential impacts of MetroBus in an area of Bristol which has historically been poorly-served by public transport, and the discussion will help us to understand how MetroBus might improve accessibility to other areas of the city.
  • The Science Park workshop will explore commuters’ views of MetroBus, and how it might fit into their current work travel habits.


The first workshop created lively discussion around people’s perceptions of the new network, and some positive and imaginative consideration of how MetroBus might develop and evolve over time.