Staple Hill blog

The Staple Hill Case study is now in a write-up phase. Findings have been fed back to residents and authorities in Staple Hill. Responses have been positive and our findings seem to ‘ring true’ with those who have heard them so far.

In our findings we focus on themes that we found to be relevant to the health and happiness of older residents in Staple Hill. The first is mobility and accessibility. Issues around this and its significance for health and happiness were frequently mentioned by participants. The second theme we are looking at is nature. Staple Hill boasts the wonderful Page Park, which participants suggest provides multifaceted enjoyment. However, enjoyment of nature does not seem to spread beyond the Park into other areas in the neighbourhood. A third theme is that of social capital and community. There is a lot going on socially in Staple Hill, but not everybody can access these events and resources.  The fourth theme examines the sustainable layout of Staple Hill, and how the layout of the neighbourhood and everything it offers, provides a high quality of life for some, but not all, of its older residents. The last theme examines the question of how Staple Hill could be ‘re-imagined’ as a health and happiness resource. Work continues on finishing our report.