We can make – Test Space Launch

On the 11th May, the citizen-led housing project was launched through the opening of the community test space at the Knowle West Media Centre. We had a larger than expected turnout with over 70 visitors, who took part in a vibrant workshop, discussions and drinks.

The test space showcases the initial concept of creating community-led housing at Knowle West. It will be open to everyone for a month, during this time workshops and events will be staged in collaboration with the local community, artists, researchers, and others, with a view to developing practical ideas and methods for future developments.

The test space is open to the public every day.


Some key dates for the diary include:


14th June – Community asset mapping and ‘Would like to meet’ 

This event invites participants to look at resources and potentials in Knowle West, before an evening knowledge-sharing networking session.


28th June – Can we make the ‘made in Bristol’ home?

This session explores the potential for (and barriers to) re-localising the housing supply-chain- from materials and labour to manufacturing and construction.