Bristol – Bath Railway Path

The East Bristol Case Study is focused around the Bristol-Bath Railway Path and seeks to explore the value of the resource to the surrounding communities. The path serves multiple purposes – as a thoroughfare connecting commuters on the peripheries of the city to the centre; as a leisure route for cyclists and walkers; and as a green space for local residents. The case study seeks to explore how the resource can be improved according to the needs of these multiple users, whilst also addressing concerns of inclusivity and accessibility that may prevent citizens from benefitting from it. Furthermore, the case study will involve monitoring the air quality of the path to explore its potential as part of the development of a sustainable city.


Research on this case study is being undertaken in collaboration with the local community organisation and community researchers at ‘Up Our Street’, and will involve three Walk and Talk events around the Easton and Lawrence Hill section of the Path. The aim of these events is to engage interested parties and members of the local community to understand more about their use of and interest in the Path. These conversations will be developed further using narrative interviews to explore who values the path, what the barriers to using the path are, wider awareness of the path, and how the path affects local quality of life. The culminating event will be a workshop that will both disseminate the data gathered to a wider audience but also begin to map the key interdependencies that might need to be considered in effecting any systematic change. We hope this will lead to further use of the findings in co-production with the various publics involved.

Latest Updates

Walking the Bristol-Bath Railway Path

Research on the East Bristol case study has commenced with two ‘Walk and Talk’ events on the Bristol-Bath Railway Path in the Easton and Lawrence Hill areas. For both events citizens from the local community and beyond joined a walk along a short section of the path at different times of the day, whilst co-producing […]

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Nationwide Urban Researchers Bristol Meet Up

On Apr 29th  & 30th  researchers from all five Urban Living Partnership projects met here in Bristol to compare their projects and progress.  Apart from our own Urban ID there are sister research projects in Newcastle& Gateshead, York, Leeds and Birmingham each with their own very different methods and approaches to working out how cities […]

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