Bristol Green Capital Partnership


The Bristol Green Capital Partnership (BGCP) CIC is an independent leadership organisation focused on environmental sustainability.  It has a network of around 800 member organisations, made up of a cross-sector mix of businesses, public sector, charities and community organisations who share the vision of “a sustainable Bristol with a high quality of life for all”. Urban ID is partnering with the BGCP network to fully understand the tough challenges we face and the barriers to meeting them. BGCP’s chief executive also co-leads on the ‘big challenge theme’ of achieving a carbon-neutral city, along with UWE professor and BGCP director Jim Longhurst.


Our approach has been developed jointly by BGCP CIC, University of the West of England and the University of Bristol with three main aims:


An initial workshop in mid-March brought together people from a range of organisations across sectors and levels of engagement with BGCP to map activity and gather views on the interdependency between the Urban ID themes. We are analysing the feedback from the workshop to inform future steps: an engagement survey, in-depth interviews with members to gather “Partnership stories”, which will feed into its 10th anniversary in July, analysing BGCP membership data and further workshops with members.


If you are a BGCP member organisation and would like to be involved, contact BGCP. If you support the vision of a sustainable Bristol with a high quality of life for all and are not yet a member, join the Partnership here!


More information about upcoming BGCP events can be found here.



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