The We Can Make case study explores how citizens could play a larger role diversifying and expanding the housing supply chain, which is currently  dominated by large commercial suppliers and struggling to deliver the quality or quantity people want at a price they can afford. The case study responds to the Mayor’s strategic and manifesto priorities for Bristol which focused on inequality and housing, and reflects local concerns about communities being too often being left on the fringes of decision-making about what gets build.


We Can Make is led by Knowle West Media Centre and brings together an inter-disciplinary team of local people, artists, academics, designers, architects and policy-makers to collaboratively explore new approaches to housing that are at their heart citizen-led, working with Knowle West as a participatory test-space.  Knowle West is a neighbourhood in South Bristol of 12000 people, built on Garden City principles in the 1930s, and has historically experienced high levels of social and economic disadvantage.


The key themes the case study is exploring include:



Working with the Knowle West Media Centre team this case study aims to produce evidence that can be used elsewhere in how we can mobilise citizens in addressing one of the most immediate problems facing our city.

Latest Updates

We can make – Test Space Launch

On the 11th May, the citizen-led housing project was launched through the opening of the community test space at the Knowle West Media Centre. We had a larger than expected turnout with over 70 visitors, who took part in a vibrant workshop, discussions and drinks. The test space showcases the initial concept of creating community-led […]

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Nationwide Urban Researchers Bristol Meet Up

On Apr 29th  & 30th  researchers from all five Urban Living Partnership projects met here in Bristol to compare their projects and progress.  Apart from our own Urban ID there are sister research projects in Newcastle& Gateshead, York, Leeds and Birmingham each with their own very different methods and approaches to working out how cities […]

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