MetroBus is a major infrastructure project that has brought permanent change to some areas of the Bristol Urban Area. Its objectives as a transport project coincide very closely with the themes of Urban ID. Metrobus is intended to reduce carbon emissions, by attracting trips that would otherwise be made by car, thereby contributing to a lower carbon city. It should enhance both accessibility and social inclusion, by improving access to job opportunities, education, leisure, health and retail facilities, and providing a fully accessible system of vehicles, stops, interchanges and information. Taking these objectives together, it should improve quality of life, or wellbeing.


The case-study was selected for three reasons.


The case-study team will research the sustainability contribution of MetroBus through the following approaches:


This case study looks at the effects of major interventions in urban areas, it will give us evidence about how major change projects like this can be most effective in bringing about better cities for us all.

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